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Videa Ben Pakulski Ben Pakulski's MI40 Workout & Diet System - Question & Answers

Ben Pakulski's MI40 Workout & Diet System - Question & Answers Q: What exactly is MI40 and why is it so effective? MI40 is the culmination of all of the most effective shortcuts I have ever come across and developed to build muscle and get lean in less time. It's radically different from anything the popular bodybuilding websites and magazines teach and was "birthed" from my exhaustive education from the world's brightest doctors, therapists, and performance coaches. The mechanism behind the effectiveness of MI40 are NOS ™ & Intentions. NOS stands for Neurological Overload Sets and contributes to muscle growth and to the overcoming of plateaus. It's THIS set that ensures you never walk out of the gym wondering, "Did I do enough?" and on the flip side it ensures you never worry, "Did I overtrain?" Intentions teaches you how to "feel" your muscles when going heavier and heavier presents more risk than reward. It is the ideal tool to exhaust your muscles safely. The number forty has been proven to be the ideal amount of time for virtually every muscle-building variable: everything from the length of time it takes to adapt to a new program, workout length, set length, rest period length, best-foods, and best-exercises. Every aspect that is missing in your training is contained here for long-lasting gains. Get the rest of your questions answered here:

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