Video - Bodybuilders Troy Tate & Landley Mannery

Videa Troy Alves Bodybuilders Troy Tate & Landley Mannery

Bodybuilders Troy Tate & Landley Mannery

Phoenix-area bodybuilders Troy Tate and Landley Mannery train at Die Hard Gym in Peoria, Arizona, one day after the 2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro bodybuilding competition. Tate and Mannery plan to compete in an NPC bodybuilding show later in 2010. An excerpt from the bodybuilding DVD - Guns: February Muscle 2010 - which also features IFBB pros Roc Shabazz and Bola Ojex; REPS cover model Jaime Davila; and physique athletes Nick Soto and Charles Flanagan. This DVD is available now at MostMuscular.Com.

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