Video - Bodybuilding DVD Trailer - 2003 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging & Finals

Videa Troy Alves Bodybuilding DVD Trailer - 2003 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging & Finals

Bodybuilding DVD Trailer - 2003 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging & Finals

BUY THE DVD NOW: If you like the clip, check out the DVD at our Bodybuilding DVD website: Prime Cuts Bodybuilding DVDs - Register your email with us and receive your very own 10% OFF discount coupon that you can use with every purchase! All website members can also receive lots of Freebies and Muscle give a ways, Gallery Passes, Full Movie Downloads and much much more... 2003 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging & Finals - Double DVD Disc 1 Prejudging Disc 2 The Finals Added content includes special photo gallery. At last you can enjoy the Mr. Olympia contest at home using your DVD player for maximum definition of the world's greatest physiques! This special double-DVD release includes both the 90-minute Prejudging Video (with the Symmetry Round, the solo compulsory poses of every athlete, and the Muscularity Round man-against-man comparisons); PLUS The 90-minute Finals Video with the individual posing routines of every athlete, an appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger, award presentations, and Ronnie Coleman's victory speech. PLUS you get an added special Photo Gallery of the 20 best images from the whole contest! 2003 Mr OLYMPIA Results 1 Ronnie Coleman 2 Jay Cutler 3 Dexter Jackson 4 Dennis James 5 Günter Schlierkamp 6 Kevin Levrone 7 Darrem Charles 8 Troy Alves 9 Melvin Anthony 10 Ernie Taylor 11 Johnny Jackson 12 Rodney St. Cloud 13 Art Atwood 14 Claude Groulx 15 Lee Priest 16 Jonathan Davie

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