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Videa Ben Pakulski Cheat Meal Video: The Right Way of Doing It

Cheat Meal Video: The Right Way of Doing It

As some of you may know, a weeks or so ago I was down in Tampa Florida and I met up with a buddy of mine, Ben Pakulski. For those of you who don't know Ben, he is a big dude and a pro bodybuilder who is soon to be competing in the Mr. Olympia competition in hopes of earning a title just like the legends including Arnold! Not only did I meet up with Ben, but we were able to get some really great videos that I cant wait to share with you later this week and next week. You know, hanging out with Ben, I learned a lot and I was able to leverage our meeting to also extend his knowledge to your computers now through my blog and trust me, this information is priceless!! For one thing, did you know that even pro bodybuilders like Ben DO have cheat meals? They do, but they do it in a strategic manner, and here in the video below, Ben explains the benefits of the cheat meal, how to set it up properly, and how carb cycling plays a role in not only fat loss but also building muscle. Not bad eh? Check it out!

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