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Eating Enough Calories for Muscle Building http Eating Enough Calories for Muscle with Victor Costa Vicsnatural Imagine being a trainer yourself and you were in charge of training an athlete who burned 8000 calories per day. How many calories would you recommend he eat in order to prepare for the Olympics. Well, if you gave him less than 8000, it wouldn't be long before he would become weak and ill, forget about the Olympics, that's for sure. So, why would you do this to yourself? You shouldn't. It;s important to eat enough to support your life as well as your workouts. Try focusing your attention on your diet rather than training. Training is very easy, sure you put effort into it, but no one has to tell you to hit the gym. You got that part down. Most folks need help with their diets and nutrition. Here is the link to the Harris Benedict Principle/equation. This will really help those who are less than scientific about their calorie intake. Now, be cool. Love your neighbor. Peace, Vic If you want to take a class with me on web cam I am delighted to do it for nutrition, training or both. Just visit Workout vide and audios for sale at Alos, Likes on Facebook and subscriptions are really greta, Thanks and Peace, Vic

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