Video - Gaspari's Pump Your Guns Challenge

Videa Mark Alvisi Gaspari's Pump Your Guns Challenge

Gaspari's Pump Your Guns Challenge

This video was taken at the Grand Opening of Pro Sports Nutrition owned by IFBB Pros Ava Cowan and Mark Alvisi. Participants of the Pump Your Guns challenge had to get their bicep measured cold and then drink a serving of SuperPump Max. After waiting 20 minutes to let the product kick in, participants were given 1 minute to perform any exercise utilizing a curl bar to get a nice pump. After the minute was up, they took another bicep measurement and calculated the difference. My arm went from 15.25 inches cold to a nicely pumped 18 inches! As a result of my pump, I won the challenge and received a coveted Gaspari Nutrition gym bag filled with one of every supplement in their line, including SuperPump Max, Size-On, Myofusion, Spirodex, Phenorex, Anavite and more!

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