Video - Hollywood Muscleboy Wrestling 9 Bout 3

Videa Will Harris Hollywood Muscleboy Wrestling 9 Bout 3

Hollywood Muscleboy Wrestling 9 Bout 3

BOUT 3: CLIFF CONLIN VS. FRANK HARRIS (Closer than it should have been).... Frank: 5ft8, 160 lbs.. This is a downright embarrassing fall for Conlin because he is much better than this. Except for a few moments of Conlin control, itfts Frank Harris who pretty much dominates the fall. What is it about straps in this video? Frank gets one and wraps it around Conlinfts neck ? choking him. Itfts a fairly easy win for Frank who wins the first fall with a Boston crab. Conlin submits with the strap still around his neck. Frank suckers Conlin at the opening of the second fall with a stomach punch. He then proceeds to choke him some more and BG begins to wonder whether Cliff had his Wheaties for breakfast. Itfts at this point that his talent kicks in ? finally! He grabs Frankfts head in a scissors and from this point itfts the old talented Cliff we know and love. Harris finds out the hard way about Conlin payback. And he almost has his guts ripped out along the way. He submits to Conlin in the second fall to an excruciatingly painful stomach claw. Even though Frank Harris does have a few moments of domination in the third fall, there is no way Cliff Conlin will be denied victory. Harris is simply outclassed. He ends up over Conlinfts shoulders submitting as Cliff walks him around the ring.


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