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Videa Jose Raymond Jose Raymond-Andrew Sarmast-Bodybuilding Motivation

Jose Raymond-Andrew Sarmast-Bodybuilding Motivation http Another awesome shoot with Andrew Sarmast and Jose Raymond training back and biceps at the Colosseum Gym in Columbia, MD. Andrew was a few days out from Masters Nationals here where he placed 6th in his class, judges feedback was that he was still holding some water in his lower back so he will work on that over the next six weeks as he prepares for the North Americans on Sep 1st. Jose is about 10 1 weeks out from the 212 Mr. Olympia here, he's in great shape and great spirits. We'll have an exclusive interview with him coming up soon on his contest diet so stay tuned. For those that don't know, Jose was Andrew's prep coach for this show, they workout together about once a week now that Jose has moved to Maryland. Thanks for watching! Hopefully this inspires you to want to go lift some weights, if you liked the video let us know in the comments below! -Erik Visit us on facebook Visit us on twitter Here's the video on the website

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