Video - Lakers @ Kings, 1984 (Chick)

Videa Larry Scott Lakers @ Kings, 1984 (Chick)

Lakers @ Kings, 1984 (Chick)

3-21-1984. From Kemper Arena in Kansas City. Sidenotes: Mike Woodson and Larry Drew were the last and current coaches of the Hawks. Reggie Theus was coach of the Kings for a year. Byron Scott and Drew were both assistant coaches for the Kings. Michael Cooper and Kareem were both (briefly) assistant coaches for the Lakers; Rambis was for a number of years. Magic was head coach of the Lakers for 16 gms in 1994. Bob McAdoo is an assistant for Miami and worked under Pat Riley. I believe Eddie Johnson might have been an assistant somewhere. Rambis = HC of T'Wolves.

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