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Make it happen with Tony Montalbano

This is a DVD to motivate you to go to the gym or take it further. A must-see for beginners and advanced bodybuilders in preparation for competition. You will be taken inside the unique world of one of Britain's top natural bodybuilders, Tony Montalbano. Follow the one-year journey in the life of one of bodybuilding's most consistent athletes whom after seven years of back-to-back attempts, was finally crowned British Champion in 2003. After three years he returns to the stage. Can he retain his title? This is a unique opportunity to travel with him through 2006 to marvel at his metamorphosis, his determination and his assault on the sport's ultimate prize as he approaches the pinnacle of his bodybuilding career: the World Championships. Feel the pain and smell the determination. A true lesson in discipline, dedication and desire to take it to the top. Witness the more human side, the bodybuilder and the man! The highs and lows in the competitive arena. Tony offers invaluable advice to help you become the best you can be. Witness lifestyle footage of the 2006 tour, including the UK Musclemania qualifier, the NPA Mike Williams Pro-Am and the NPA British Finals. Be inspired and see the British team's camaraderie at his next stop in Italy at the UIBBN World Championships. He concludes his highly successful comeback year in Hollywood at the Musclemania World Championships.

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