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Man Candles By Yankee Candle Selling Well

Man Candles By Yankee Candle Selling Well - as part of the news series by GeoBeats. Sweet and perfumed with names evoking spring showers, summer flowers and long walks on the beach - candles have long been an essential feminine home accessory. Until now. Marketed to the gentlemen of the house, Yankee Candle Company has launched a line of candles called, appropriately enough, Man Candles. With four scents including 'First Down", a football inspired scent with a hint of leather, 'Riding Mower', reminiscent of a freshly mowed grass on a hot summers day, '2x4' for the would be carpenter in your life, and 'Man Town', an enticing blend of spice and musk. Sales have apparently been brisk after TV appearances including "Good Morning America". The line also includes a couple of accessories like beer mug shaped 'Jar Clingers' to add a touch of testosterone décor to the candles appearance, and 'Car Jars', a fancy hanging air freshener. Nail polish may be another womanly pastime heading to the unisex department. Company, Alpha Nail, markets towards, as you may guess, alpha males. Offering matte and metallic collections, colors include "Burnin' Rubber", "Concrete" and "Gasoline". They also offer 'Clean Slate' polish removing wipes, citing 'No self respecting man should ever have to buy cotton balls.'

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