Video - Mark Alvisi - 12 Weeks Out From Competition

Videa Mark Alvisi Mark Alvisi - 12 Weeks Out From Competition

Mark Alvisi - 12 Weeks Out From Competition - Mark Alvisi discusses bodybuilding training, cardio, nutrition & supplementation 12 weeks before a bodybuilding comp., or 'pre-contest' as it's also known. Calories are still reasonably high at this stage, but his overall diet is cleaned up. Protein ingested is still high - at about 400g a day, as is his carb intake, but junk foods are cut out. At this stage you want to feed the muscle but burn off excess calories. Mark is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder & Gaspari Nutrition Sponsored Athlete.To view hundreds of exercise videos & workout programs for technique, muscular endurance, strength, muscle hypertrophy & advanced training got to

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