Video - Mark Alvisi - 4 Days Out From Competition

Videa Mark Alvisi Mark Alvisi - 4 Days Out From Competition

Mark Alvisi - 4 Days Out From Competition - Mark Alvisi discusses carb loading on Wednesday prior to a Saturday comp. Wednesday he consumes the most calories, including beef, potatoes - amounting to about 600-800g of carbs. The mirror is an important tool at this stage. Thursday, he observes how full or flat he appears, consuming the appropriate amount beef & potatoes on a regular basis, as well as limited water. Friday: don't eat too much carbs or you'll hold water. Importantly, don't do anything drastic in the last stages. Mark Alvisi - Gaspari Nutrition Athlete & IFBB Pro bodybuilder. To view hundreds of exercise videos & workout programs for technique, muscular endurance, strength, muscle hypertrophy & advanced training got to:

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