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MARK IS NUMERO 202 (trailer)

A brief overview of some of the footage included in the MARK IS NUMERO 202 DVD set to be released by March 1, 2010. BACK COVER SYNOPSIS: Mark Dugdale has been DRIVEN, BEYOND DRIVEN, and has spent A Week in the Dungeon. Now, Mark is back in his newest, most informative film compilation yet, MARK IS NUMERO 202. Go behind the scenes as Mark gives us a glimpse into his life; with an exclusive all-access pass into the 2009 Olympia 202 Showdown, a post-Olympia guest appearance in Sweden and footage of past posing routines spanning more than a decade. Learn from the pro as Mark gives us insight into how he prevents injury and promotes internal health; from IV therapy and blood screening to chiropractic care and his daily supplementation, and of course, his daily diet. Known for his extreme conditioning and granite-like hardnessMark takes it all to the next level for the Olympia! Back by popular demand is Cooking with Christina a front row seat to how she juggles cooking and preparing healthy meals tailored to fit a pro bodybuilders off-season and competition-prep diet while satisfying the appetites of her three young daughters. Theres also plenty of the signature hardcore training that Mark is famous for. Throw in some out-takes and interviews that never made the final cut from previous DVD projects, and MARK IS NUMERO 202 is an extensive, full-blown look into the life of an IFBB pro.

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