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Natural Bodybuilder Ian Flexing

My name is Ian Sizer and I am a natural, drug free bodybuilder. I'm 5ft. 10in. and am 23 years old. I weigh between 180 and 205 pounds, depending on whether I am bulking or cutting. My eventual goal is to walk onstage at a competition-shape 195 lbs, so my intention is to put on around 15 more pounds of muscle. This will obviously take some time, and alot of hard work, but I am very motivated and committed to my goal. I have had a long and painful history of chronic joint difficulties and debilitating joint injuries. I have had reconstructive shoulder surgery and have athritis-like inflammation in all my joints, but I do the best with what I have. My best lifts are as folllows: 515 lb deadlift, 475 lb squat, 410 lb bench press, and 270 lb shoulder press. Currently my calories are low in order to get leaner. I'm always looking for sponsors. I just plain don't make nearly enough as a security guard. So I'm looking for sponsors and donations to help me reach my goals. I want to buy high quality lean meat and supplements like creatine, high quality protein, vitamins, pre-workout shakes, weight gainer, amino products, glutamine, and maybe some thermogenics and natural test boosters. Right now, I can't afford any of that stuff, but I really want to attain a prime physique, so let me know if anyone wants to help! Please comment, rate, subscribe, and email me with any questions. -Ian

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