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Videa Jose Raymond New Bodybuilding Motivation Series Preview

New Bodybuilding Motivation Series Preview http Max Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding & Fitness are teaming up to present a new series of bodybuilding motivation videos with new clips that many have never seen. The extra clips come from videographer Erik Thorsvik's work as a bodybuilding and fitness movie maker. In this video, in order.. Andrew Sarmast, David Johnston, Jon Delarosa, Jose Raymond, Shawn Rhoden and Mike Ghazi. Jon Delarosa video and Jose Raymond video were shot for http Shawn Rhoden video was shot for Andrew Sarmast, David Johnston and MIke Ghazi videos were for our channel and http We hope you enjoy the series and look forward to providing you with the best in bodybuilding and fitness for years to come! Please check out our other videos and 'like' our pages on facebook to catch up on the latest. Thank you! -Max Sports Nutrition -Bodybuilding & Fitness

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