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Videa Phil Heath Phil Heath - Bodybuilding Motivation Epicness!

Phil Heath - Bodybuilding Motivation Epicness!

Phil Heath, born Phillip Heath in 1979. He grew up around Seattle and played guard on the high school basketball team. Phil went on to attend the University of Denver. Soon after graduating he decided to go into bodybuilding. And the bodybuilding world was certainly fortunate that he did. Heath has been an inspiration to so many bodybuilders around the world. Many have watched him come up though the Pro IFBB bodybuilding ranks to WIN shows like the NPC Colorado State ( 2003), Colorado Pro Championships (2006), the New York Pro Championship (2006), the IFBB Iron Man (2008) and of course the Mr. Olympia win in 2011 crowning him best bodybuilder in the world. Phil Heath extraordinary athlete and ambasador for the bodybuilding sport. - More at Source video: This video was used to create "Phil Heath - Bodybuilding Motivation Epicness!" - Source music: "Warriors Call" - DG (of

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