Video - Sport News Iran March 2, 2010 Part (3)

Videa King Kamali Sport News Iran March 2, 2010 Part (3)

Sport News Iran March 2, 2010 Part (3)

Sport News Iran March 2, 2010 Part 3 Backgammon Main article: Backgammon Backgammon is a game that has had a following in Persia since ancient times.[4] Like Chess and some card games, it fell out of official favor after the revolution. However, this did not diminish its popularity with the general population. In recent years, restrictions on the game have been softened, but tournaments have yet to be officially sanctioned. And that is why backgammon is considered a traditional sport. The oldest backgammon in the world along with 60 pieces has been unearthed in southeastern Iran.[5] --- : Chess The origin of chess is a disputed issue, but evidence exists to give credence to the theory that chess originated in Persia, and later found its way into the Indian subcontinent. For example, the earliest recorder history of chess is to be found in Persian writing, and the earliest chess pieces found also being from Persian. All of this evidence lends weight to the theory that chess in Persia (Shatranj) pre-dated chess in India (Chatrang). Chess later spread from Persia into other nations in the Islamic world. Football (soccer) is by far the most popular sport in Iran. Iran has been able to reach the FIFA World Cup three times (1978, 1998 and 2006), has won AFC Asian Cup three times (1968 AFC Asian Cup, 1972 AFC Asian Cup and 1976 AFC Asian Cup) and four times has reached to gold medal at Asian Games (1974, 1990, 1998 and 2002). Particularly in the past 10 years, with the launch of ...

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