Video - The effects of Steroids in Teenagers (Bodybuilding, building muscle)

Videa Anabolic steroids The effects of Steroids in Teenagers (Bodybuilding, building muscle)

The effects of Steroids in Teenagers (Bodybuilding, building muscle)

'Like' There are many effects / side effects of using steroids in your teenage years, and in today's video interview Fitness Instructor Russ Howe discusses some of the main side effects of steroid use by teenagers looking to build muscle quickly. Despite the many physical side effects (including extreme bone pain, liver toxicity and vascular problems), many consider the main issue with using steroids to be mental. During our teenage years we're at our most vulnerable and impressionable, and habits picked up here will usually stick with us our whole lives. Getting addicted to using drugs like steroids at this stage can literally depict the story of the rest of your life. Using steroids is not a quick fix, either, with many gym goers simply misunderstanding the effects of steroids and muscle growth and ultimately seeing it as a 'get muscle quick' solution which is most certainly is not, even with the use of steroids you would still need to work out and eat well to build quality muscle mass. However, the negatives far outweigh the positives or short-term bonuses and the truth is anybody in their teenage years simply does not need to use steroids to build muscle. You have enough testosterone in your body already to achieve pretty much any physique you should desire. Determination, however, is a whole other thing....

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