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Videa Dolph Lundgren The Expendables (2010) Intial Impressions

The Expendables (2010) Intial Impressions

Things to expect from The Expendables: 1. About 24 broken necks. Each break with its own unique flair. One of Jet Li's kicks accomplishes this with feat with a particularly grandiose amount of pizzazz. 2. Mercenaries who express remorse over killing and feel like they're "losing their soul" only to continue enthusiastically killing without another mention to their personal demons. 3. Killing people is fine if, to quote Harry Tasker in True Lies, "they're all bad." 4. A villain with money as his only motivation who declares "We're the same, you and I," when confronted by the hero. 5. An "Everybody Laughs Ending." Some points I forgot to mention in my rambling: I had heard from some friends that shaky cam was a bit of a problem in this movie. Yeah, that's true. It's there. While I'll rarely advocate the use of shaky cam, there's no cause for alarm here. I was never unable to tell what was going on, so don't worry. It's not Bourne bad. Maybe this was just my theater, but the sound mixing seemed a little uneven. The action scenes seemed to be about two to three times louder than the dialogue scenes. While this was a little frustrating, it's nothing to lose sleep over. It's probably just from years of watching Rocky IV, but Dolph Lundgren's actually intelligible dialogue kept throwing me for a whirl. I guess I'm just too used to never being able to understand what he's talking about or just not hearing him talk at all. By the way, like all commandos, Dolph can take bullets to ...

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