Video - The House Sitters (THS) - Breaking and Entering

Videa Michal Sitter The House Sitters (THS) - Breaking and Entering

The House Sitters (THS) - Breaking and Entering

So the story behind this House Sitters video is that our friend Adam Parker, the really white kid from our first video, and his family were down in Pennsylvania. We had permission from Adam to break into his house and do a House Sitters video. After twenty minutes of trying to find a way in, Henry Haskell, tried the door and it magically opened (Andres Collazo-Otto tried it before, but failed). We shot the video and had a great time. We also ate some of their whipped cream. We all love whipped cream......a lot! Songs and skits in order of appearence: 1.) Row Row Row your Boat - (Michael, Gabe, Joe, Henry, and Andres) 2.) (***We forgot the name to the metal song used in the part with Mr. Lion Guy and Herb The Alligator. Once we discover the name and artist of this song we will immediatly give him/her credit.) 3.) Sittin' On The Toilet, by alonzochadwick (Kyle) 4.) Heaven, by DJ Sammy (Andres) 5.) Everybody Dance Now (Michael, Henry, Joe, and Gabe) (This song was also used during the credits)

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