Video - Vince Del Monte Interviews Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski - (Season 1, Ep#19)

Videa Ben Pakulski Vince Del Monte Interviews Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski - (Season 1, Ep#19)

Vince Del Monte Interviews Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski - (Season 1, Ep#19)

SIGN UP TODAY - @1 you'll learn some tips on how to optimize the triceps press down with a rope. Note: in this video, I'm demonstrating how NOT to do it! I should be up tall, full extending and fully shortening. My explanation of how to train triceps here is correct but the video demonstration is not! Add this triceps exercise to your workout to build big arms! @2:00 - you'll learn my mental approach to dealing with the struggles of the diet and prep for the WBFF Fitness Model Quebec Championships. @6:00 - You'll get to learn some posing techniques and see how I practised before the WBFF Quebec Championships. The truth is, watching this video is EMBARRASSING for me to watch! I'm not very good at posing techniques and should have started practicing months earlier, not 2 days before the show! My coaches were great but you can see how that I'm pretty awkward. Learn from my lack of prep and DON'T wait until the last minute! @13:59 - Vince Del Monte interview IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski who is one of my best friends, coaches and business partners. He's the creator of the best selling MI40 System that you can find here: Ben is a very humble guy and you'll learn some of the character traits that have helped him become one of the greatest pro bodybuilders in the IFBB right now. Ben shares the attitude it takes to be the next greatest bodybuilder in the world. Let us know what you think of the video! Vince Del Monte Muscle Building ...

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